Analysis & Audit

Inventory analysis and policy setting, business process, system and feasibility analysis.

Inventory Analysis and Policy Setting

  • =Dynamic Inventory Profiling - profiling inventory based on movement speed, categorizing items as fast, medium, or slow-moving, as well as considering product criticality.
  • =Variability Analysis - conducting variability analysis to identify variability in supply and demand, suggesting responsive buffer strategies.
  • =Optimizing Inventory Modelling - utilizing advanced inventory modelling techniques to define optimum levels and establish supporting policies.

Business Process Analysis

  • =Holistic Process Analysis and Mapping - thorough analysis and mapping of business processes to identify improvement opportunities and streamline workflows.
  • =Process Costing Insights - gaining comprehensive insights into process costing to optimize resource allocation and cost management, to guide process redesign efforts and quantify potential project returns.
  • =Process Redesign for Improvement - strategically redesigning and enhancing processes to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence.

System Analysis

  • =Comprehensive Systems Audit – conducting a thorough audit of planning, operations, and administrative control systems to ensure efficiency and alignment with objectives.

Feasibility Analysis

  • =Operational and Financial Feasibility Studies - performing operational and financial feasibility studies for strategic, tactical, and operational solutions to support decision-making.